Kids Classes

The Painters Loft Studio is excited to offer kids’ art classes in New Jersey, taught by experienced professional instructors who are expert at bringing out each child’s joy in creating art. Classes will be designed for one specific age group, so that the children can enjoy making new friends while they create their works of art. Each student will receive personalized attention, to bring out their natural talent and to take their skills to the next level. At the same time, all our instructors take an approach which fosters a sense of confidence, pleasure, and non-competitiveness in the classroom. The idea is to foster a lifelong love for making art. Whether you are looking for a beginner class for your child, or one which features more advanced techniques, we have just the class for you:


Our Kids Classes are on going with open enrollment.

Acrylic Painting Classes: 1.15 hour for 6 weeks. Tuesdays: 4:15-5:30 & Saturdays: 10am-11:15am. Cost: $179

Our classes are flexible in that you do not have to come 6wks straight and you can come either day. The students work independently once they decide on the piece that are working on. Most students will look up and sketch their own ideas then transfer onto the canvas. They are taught basic skills and are guided through the process. Because the classes have mixed ages everyone will work at their own pace and to their best ability.




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